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Less used to be more (and still is) but when it comes to Highlight Videos More is … well … More! The Extended Highlight video package is for those couples who place a strong emphasis on Narrative Storytelling and Strong Imagery. They want to share their video with family and friends easily, and be able to access it themselves reliving the moments over and over in a relatively short period of time. 

Why do we only want 10 minutes?

The truth is they’re not for everyone. I do a lot of weddings with 1hr + ceremonies and many many speakers during receptions where 10 minutes might not be enough time to include all the great moments in. But I also do a lot of shorter ceremonies and weddings where no speeches take place at all. Often I find myself stretching things out considerably just to make an edit. A shot that works great at 3 seconds long – ends up becoming 6 or 7 in duration. Theres no bigger detriment to your final video then forcing shots that either A) don’t belong or B) are too long into your finished product. Being able to tell your story in a compact and entertaining way without missing anything significant is the goal for every production.

FOMAS (Fear Of Missing A Shot):I suffer from this condition tremendously. They’re have been many a highlight video over the years that have kept me up at night thinking about those amazing shots I just couldn’t find room for in the 3-5 minute version. Those amazing moments virtually lost forever in the 30-45 minute version. With the extended length I’m able to do just about anything I can envision and include just about everything that matters. With multiple songs I’m able to really play around with the emotional peaks and valleys thematically throughout your day. From the fast energetic portions – to the slower more reserved sections of your wedding day.

The wedding industry has changed quite a bit since even I’ve been involved in it. So many great technicians are out there shooting wonderful pieces of work that deserve to be viewed by large audiences. The days of pulling out a DVD and popping it into the machine every couple of years should be just about over. With the Extended Highlight you get both the archival record of your day and its still short enough to share with family and friends for viewing anytime/anywhere around the world online. I also get the creative boost from knowing I can spend a significant amount more time perfecting your video!

Still not sold … ?

OK so lets be honest the biggest reason to go with an Extended Highlight package is of course the financial benefits! Without the extra editing time I’m able to offer these for significantly less. More money in your wallet. Same great product.

Package Summary:

1 Cinematographer
Full Day Coverage
10 Minute Extended Highlight Film
Complimentary Hard Drive
Raw Files (optional)


Lauren + Scott :: Toronto Beaches Wedding Video | Corpis Christi Parish | Dave Thomas Visuals

Extended Highlights are quickly becoming my favourite things to edit! So many opportunities to create changes in tone/tempo that you don’t generally find when using a single song! This will be an usually short blurb as I’ll explain the Extended Highlight Video approach in my next post.

Useable groom prep is always a challenge. Guys sitting around drinking in a living room doesn’t always lend itself kindly to video – where action and movement are fundamental to acquiring great footage! So when a groom takes my advice and picks up a football and throws it around in -10 degree weather I’m a very happy guy! Lauren and Scott (Sister and Brother-In-Law to Chris+Jen) are pretty much the ideal wedding clients. Easy going. Polite. Honest. Articulate. Image conscious when planning their wedding day. One of those weddings I’d gladly go back and do over again!

Ceremony: Corpis Christi Parish. Toronto ON
Reception: The Rosewater. Toronto ON
Photography: Popcorn Photography
Photo Location: King Edward Hotel (The Ballroom)

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Carole + Alain :: How to Make a Successful Wedding Video | Part III | Time and Pressure

The perfect wedding video is a rare thing. You could spend your whole life attempting to make one, and it would not be a wasted life. From the moment you wake to devote yourself to the perfection of whatever it is you pursue. Regardless of its merit. This takes discipline. Occasionally along the way you’ll reach benchmarks. These rare moments of clarity, those flashes when the universe appears to make sense, you try desperately to hold on to them. To recreate them. Most perfectionists come to realize rather quickly that they don’t last forever (if at all). To help keep some measure of mental health its important to take that extra minute and reflect on what you’ve learned and where to go next from there. Because before you know it you’ll have new benchmarks to hit.

The perfect wedding video. There’s a thousand things that need to participate in unison (The right light, the right lens, the right angle, frame rate, shutter speed, exposure, distance … ) But ultimately it really all boils down to Time and Pressure. Time: The 30 years I’ve been alive, The 10 years I’ve been covering live events, the 15 hour wedding day, the 9 days it took to edit this Highlight, from the 45 minute Long Version into the 9 minute Highlight – all culminating in the countless decisions and seconds in-between hitting that little red button or clicking and dragging a mouse. Pressure: The always present feeling of “Don’t screw this up”. Together how you manage Time and Pressure will dictate the success/failure of any endeavour. The only secret formula is knowing that its not a race. There is no competition to personal growth. And finally that you can spend your entire life trying to be perfect – and still not get close. And that’s the whole point.


Blue Mountain Wedding Cinema :: Practicing Patience as a Wedding Videographer | Dave Thomas Visuals

Making connections between seemingly irrelevant footage and the actual elements that tell a wedding day is what piecing together a Highlight film is all about. Two parallel lines holding up the chairlift becoming one – a Father/Son catching a fish – juxtaposed with a Father walking his Daughter down aisle. In the past I’ve been lucky to acquire such useable B-Roll – I’m slowly coming to the realization that these ‘Pieces’ are sometimes just as important as anything traditionally accepted as being an integral part of a wedding video.(Putting on Dress, First Dance, Exchanging Vow’s etc).

The whole thing is a big concert – with many individual members of orchestra submitting their own unique ‘tune’ to the day’s overall ‘sound’. You’ll never be able to get everything. As a solo shooter with time constraints its impossible – but if you can liberate yourself from the idea that you HAVE to get this or that in order to tell a successful story you’ll become more and more patient when confronted with these opportunities.

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Laura + Jase :: Newmarket Wedding Cinematography | Paradise Banquet Hall | Dave Thomas Visuals

Turn around Time! Ughhhh. The end of last year wasn’t pretty. A client recently said to me “There’s always enough time to do something twice, but never enough to do it right in the first place.” Truer words have never been spoken. As much as I pull my hair out worrying and fretting over how long its taking me to complete a project – I constantly remind myself that the quality of the final outcome is what really matters. You learn really quick in this business that rushing through an edit always ends up creating you more work in the long run. (or a bad product). And its really important to me and hopefully all of my clients that I do the absolute best job I can every outing.

Officiants dictating where I can shoot from inside Ceremony venues was never an issue until Jase and Laura’s wedding. Including theirs – I’ve had at least 8 weddings since where I have been relegated to shooting from the outer realms of a venue. Its incredibly limiting in the material your able to acquire. No close ups of vows/declarations – no rings – and all your shot angles come from the exact same place – off to the left.I get it. I’m sure there’s some really awful videographers out there that are incredibly obtrusive parked permanently up at the front. Its just unfortunate that it ends up creating consequences for everyone else.

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